Laura’s Travel Tales has a new home! :)

I’m in the process of renovating and moving house and, although that may seem like a totally ridiculous thing for me to say, it is actually true. Well…technically speaking. No, no, don’t worry…I have not decided to halt my travels, buy a yurt, a couple of yaks and live in Kyrgyzstan. As appealing as that idea may be, on certain days, those feet are still as itchy as ever.

WordPress has been a fantastic landlord for two years, but it’s time for me to move. My new home is a virtual one…one where the door, for you, is always open.

The new place? Right now, to be honest, it looks exactly like the old one! ah! But it’s a work in progress. A coat of paint here, some new furnishings there…and soon enough, it’ll be a brand new abode.

So come visit me at Laura ‘s Travel Tales, I’ll put the kettle on…you bring the cookies? We can then pick up where we left off: in Tajikistan!

See you there

With much love,

Laura  x

About laurastraveltales

Born in 1973 in a small seaside Italian town, I migrated with my family to Australia in 1986, where I developed an extreme fondness of warm temperatures. After a trivial yet cataclysmic ‘a-ha’ moment in 2004, I left behind all that was familiar, safe and warm and embarked on a 6 year stint as an overland tour guide. My travels saw me discover South America (over and over again) and venture into the black depths of Africa, from where I emerged tanned and happy. A year long stint through the Middle East cemented my belief that I am inherently tropical, and has spurred me onto the next adventure: a motorbike trip from Europe to Australia, starting in August 2012. Crossing Siberia in winter is most definitely not on my agenda…yet 
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  1. I got what the autor means. It is a wonderful post.

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